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“2nd Life” is the brain child of Gerrit Boonzaier the former Lead singer from the highly successful band “Movie 55”. BOON (stage name) has performed since the age of 18 on stages all over South Africa. As the singer of Movie55, he achieved 18 play listings. Enormous response was received to BOON's singles over past years, but his true journey into the world of music is just beginning.

Gerrit aka Boon was born in Vryheid but currently resides in Pretoria. Gerrit writes his own music and is a full time vocalist.

 Highveld Radio play listing - September 2011
 Highveld Radio play listing Highveld Radio interview 14.08.2008
  Radio wave Namibia play listing (high rotation)
  PukFM play listing (high rotation)
  RMR - #6 on SA Top 10
  KovsieFM play listing
  UJFM play listing
  Fame Music Radio play listing
  East Coast Radio play listing
  KFM play listing
  Track of the Day GarageBand.com (20 July 2008)

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